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SufferBuddy connects you and people who care about you with mentors, friends, and crowdsourced information that will lead to more successful and enjoyable lives.

SufferBuddy mentors have dealt with the same condition as you.

They have volunteered to be on call to share their stories and discuss whatever you might find helpful.

Think you have what it takes to be a mentor? Let us know!

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We have someone who can help

Whether you want to connect with a patient who took medication you are researching or want to learn how parents handle their childrens illnesses - we have someone for you to talk to.

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A Way To Learn Faster

The goal is to help you feel better faster. We believe that 1 on 1 interaction is the fastest, safest, and most enjoyable way to learn. Get matched with as many people as you want, weigh their experiences and advice, and decide for yourself what your journey will look like!

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Make Friends That Get You

Everyone needs people they can vent to. Our families can only take so much! 😊Finding a new friend on SufferBuddy is easy.

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Learn about treatment and management by taking a quiz.

Help our users make better decisions about their health. Share with the community drugs, doctors, and such that you have founder helpful or harmful.

Long form articles from across the internet tailored to your illness.

Have a question about a specific medication? Want to know who are the best doctors in a specific area? Talk to a mentor!